Top 10 Hori Hori Knives Fiskars Gardening Tools & Buying Guide

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A great Hori Hori knife is a heavy-duty knife for every serious gardener, and it is a practical and well-built gardening tool with plenty of versatility. The Japanese and U.S.A. gardener like to use Biskars big grip garden knife to dig up trees and translate them. However, the Hori Hori knives are lovely and well gardening tools and the right equipment.

However, compared to other knives, the best Hori Hori knife is used for multipurpose tools; it uses for cutting and digging. A wedding Hori Hori edge is used for digging deep-rooted weeds, and it is easy to use, side the blade down the centre of the weed, and its handle moves away and same time pulling gently yet firmly on the weed.

If you want to run the gamut from trimming vines to harvesting veggies, you can use it for pruning slice string, cutting flowers, grafting trees, and pruning vines. Now we review the Hori Hori gardening knife and also answer the common question about the Hori Hori Fiskars knife

1. Hori Hori Garden Knife heavy-duty gardening knife 

Hori Hori Garden Knife heavy duty gardening knife

The Hori Hori gardening knife is a heavy-duty and multipurpose garden tool, and it is extra sharp for easy and convenient cutting of roots and plants. However, the Hori Hori soil knife is a concave design structure suitable for digging and scooping soil.

The premium quality knife is a next-level skill gardening tool with black iron Hori hor garden knife. It is suitable for cutting, digging, weeding, pruning, and planting bulbs, and it is a robust knife for gardening.

The blade is manufactured in stainless steel, and it is resistant and helps tackle most arduous gardening works and is size is 7 inches, and it is perfect for performing gardening works.

It has a 5inch hardwood handle, it becomes a favourite for gardeners, and it has good reason. After all, the knife has a heavy-duty leather sheath that keeps your blade in good condition when not in use.


  • Its handle is comfortable
  • The knife size is 7 inch
  • It has a leather cover
  • It is a heavy-duty knife for digging and cutting


  • It should not overheat for root cutting
  • After every use, it should be clean and covered.

2. Hokuru knife – Hori Hori Tools 

Hokuru knife - Hori Hori Tools

The stainless steel blade knife uses multiple purposes for digging, weeding, cutting, landscaping, weeding, slicing, and many more. It makes high-quality stainless steel with a rust-proof blade that is stable, long-lasting and has a full tang handle kept in place by 03 metal rivets. However, the Hori Hori garden tool is a protective hand guard to prevent slipping when it will use.

The garden knife has a thick leather sheath for safe storage. It handles with care because it would be easy to cut through the skin. It is the perfect measurement, down the middle, for soil dept. It is one of the reasons this particular model caught your attention.


  • It correct measurement for digging, and cutting
  • It sharp is long-lasting
  • The knife is heavy duty knife


  • Should proper maintenance for a good result
  • It makes few reductions of width  

3. Best Hori Hori Garden Knife

Best Hori Hori Garden Knife

If you are looking best Hori Hori garden knife, it is the perfect knife with a sharpening rod, the thickest leather sheath, and an extra sharp blade. It is a fast-working knife that can help save time digging and weeding and pop out weeds in a snap. However, if you want to keep weeds, it is perfect for roots and twists. You will also use it to plant bulbs and dig small holes.

It is easy to sharpen and should regularly sharpen if you use the cutting and digging in the dirt because it designs for digging. You will point the bale flat and serrated side of the blade anytime, and it is beneficial that other knives do not include knives sharpener-rod. However, Hori Hori Knives has a solid wooden handle that is different from other knives on the market.


  • The knife includes a sharpening rod
  • You will any time sharpen the blade with it
  • It saves your punching sharpener expense.
  • It is long-lasting and durable


  • It is not the extra-large knife
  • It is few expensive.

4. Fiskars Hori Hori Knife 340130-1001

Fiskars Hori Hori Knife 340130-1001

 Fiskars garden Hori knife is designed to weed, plant, split, transplant, and many more, and it has a large tang to create durability. However, the knifes booth side is sharp, and it is useable. The precision-ground edge for multipurpose cuts and its bite is used for sewing through the thick growth.

Its forked tip allows for easy weeding, and it is easy to use for measuring to determine plant depth accurately. However, its soft handle is comfortable for use, and it is convent storage and portability.


  • It has a soft-grip handle
  • It has a measuring scale on the outside of the blade
  • The plastic handle is robust enough together with a similar area for fit.
  • Its edges are suitable for either sawing


  • It is not perfect for those who like wooden handle
  • It should be extra care for maintenance.

5. Berry & Bird Hori Hori Knives

Berry&Bird Hori Hori Garden Knife

If you are looking for essential handcrafted garden tools, the Berry and Bird Hori Hori gardening knives meet your panting requirements. It is a different knife from the traditional knife on its flat blade, and it is designed to be grooved, making it as easy as a shovel to remove weeds and transplant plants and flowers easy.

It is popular because it is a double-edge design, and it one side is a serrated blade; it is easy to cut off the roots of plants, and crops and trim dead branches.

However, the knife is so sharp, that it can easily penetrate even in the dry hard soil, and at the time, you will measure the depth of the ground at any time by the depth mark of leaves. It confirms a good foundation for rapid planting because it cuts more roots, and you will first work with it.


  • It is the perfect knife for dept cutting.
  • It is a double-edge design.
  • The knife helps measure on dept cutting.
  • It is easily cut off the roots


  • The edge is not extra-long
  • Avoid rough using, because its handle is wooden

6. B.E. Outdoors Hori Hori Garden Knife

BE Outdoors Hori Hori tools – Garden Knife

It is the best knife in a 7-inch serrated blade knife if you are looking for the Hori Hori Knives brand. Its ergonomic handle gives a good grip, and the wood makes the knife a bit heavier, and you will feel comfortable in hand. After all, the knife’s edges are sharp, and both sides are useable for slicing and a serrated edge for cutting through tough roots.

It makes a stainless steel blade durable and long-lasting; it is also a sustainable beechwood handle that securely attaches to three rust-proof rivets. It also has a leather sheath that is clipped to your belt. The hole in the handle allows you to hang the knife neatly on your peg.


  • It is the dual-cut serrated edge
  • The knife is ergonomic and comfortable
  • It is stain and corrosion resistance
  • It is a two-unit scales blade knife


  • Its sharpening stone is not significant in size
  • Its handles are not plastic-made.

7. Garden Guru Hori Hori knives

Garden Guru Hori Hori knives

The knife is a garden guru knife, and it is the best Japanese Gardening knife and is one of the good gifts for gardeners. It is also a weeding knife for excellent cutting, digging, planting, probing, transplanting, and slicing. The rust-resistant stainless steel knife is full tang, and the blade is strong and less likely to break under pressure.

However, the knife is thick for strength and durability, and broad and concave for scooping. Its sharp flat edge used for cutting uses a serrated edge for sawing and an extra point for prying, and it also has millimetres and inch marks for measuring depth planting. The knife is a comfortable hardwood handle; confirm the blade is perfect.

After all, the knife is not only suitable for the gardener; it is also an essential component to your camping equipment, hiking equipment, metal detecting, and survival kits. It is also the perfect gift for gardener men or women. At the same time, it is used for many more outdoor requirements.


  • It is the perfect knife to gift for the gardener
  • The knife price is not high
  • Its handle is comfortable
  • It is suitable for dept planting


  • For a good result, sharpen it before every use.
  • It had not very long

8. Sensei Tools Hori Digging Knife

Sensei Tools Hori Digging Knife

The Sensei Hori digging knife is a cross between and hand trowel and a knife, and it is a traditional Japanese design knife. Use this knife for multiple purposes, like digging, planting, weeding, and dividing. However, the blades are ideal for lawn and gardening, landscaping, metal detecting, and rockhounding.

The high-quality mirror polish stainless steel blade knife has a straight edge and serrated edge that is made accessible to saw through tough roots and makes it super easy to divide perennials. It is easy to cut the soil, weed a cinch, and get right down to the roots to ensure the weeds.

However, the knife handle is contoured and texture; it is a slip finish with a firm grip, making it much easier and safer than wood-handled garden knives. The ergonomic shape makes it more comfortable to use in either the right or left hand.


  • The knife handle is more comfortable than a wooden handle knife
  • It is comfortable for using soil digging
  • Its price is not much high
  • The edge is significant for deep planning


  • The knife is not a wooden handle knife
  • You may feel a bit on the cheap side of the knife.

9. Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding and Digging Knife 

Nisaku Hori-Hori Weeding and Digging Knife

The knife is an authentic Japanese stainless steel blade knife 7.25 and has a wooden handle. It is the most valuable and most seller knife on Amazon. The knives, both straight and serrated edges, help divide plants, plant bulbs, flowers, and herbs, dig out weeds, remove rocks, cut through roots, and many more.

However, the knife is the most popular and five-star rating knife standard and is famous worldwide in the Hori Hori knives brand. Its feature and the concave blade are suitable for digging, bevelled, sharp edge for slicing.

The knife has a measuring scale for dept cutting and deep soil planting. After all, knives are not the only gardener, and it is also helpful for land scarping and camping.

The knife constructs with a full-width mid-tang, which allows using thicker steel without making the knife too heavy, and it is ensuring that the Hori knife is highly durable, bend resistant, and has a lot of levering power.  


  • The knife is a long-lasting and durable heavy duty knife
  • The wooden handle of it is suitable for long time work
  • It is a nice gift for the gardener


  • Should not over hit the root; it causes your hand to slide down over the handle.
  • It handles not longer.

10. HAUSHOF Hori Hori Gardening Knife

HAUSHOF Hori Hori Gardening Knife

The Hori knife is a full-tang design and stainless steel 7-inch blade knife that is the overall strength and reality of Haushof Hor-Hori knives. However, it is a heavy-duty gardening knife-like cutting and turning over the removing sharp stones and rocks. It is also well-polished sheen like a mirror and has corrosion resistance, so it is easy to clean.

The large blade has an easy marking scale in both inches and millimetres, and it helps you to effectively measure out soil when planting seeds or cutting at the correct depth. You will make light work for weeds and digging seed drills.


  • The knife blade is large enough for planting
  • It is right Hori planting tools
  • Its price is so low


  • The wood handle is not large
  • It should be clean after everyone uses

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How to Choose the Best Hori Hor Knives 

When working in gardening, you will find a different Hori Hor garden knife from other traditional Knives. The Hori Hori knives are great for digging up weeds, and slicing roots and branches. Its handle is full tang and has nice ergonomic wood grain.

Most of the knife blades are dual edges with one side serrated, another side is smoothie edge, and some knives are concave design and other.

So when your want to purchase knives, you should keep them in your mind. If you want to cut, dig, poke a hole around a new plant to let water in, or probe for moisture. So it would be best if you also considered the given options of Hor knives.

The Blade

A Hori knife keeps two edges, one is serrated, and the side is the smoothie. Both sides are comfortable for digging, cutting, and many more, so you will feel comfortable using them.

However, the Hori knife is manufacturing in the stainless steel blade, some knife blade is large and more than 7.5 inch, and some knife blade is less than 7.5 inch. So it will be best if you fixed how long of Hori knifes you want.

The manufacturer made the Hori Hori knife blade is more vital and keeps it well balanced with its handle. Some knives also have a measuring scale that belongs to two measuring processes. One is an inch, and another is millimeters. The measuring process helps measure deep cutting, seed planting, and many more.

The Handle 

Mainly, you will find two types of Hori hor knives’ handles: a wood handle and a heavy-duty plastic handle. Both handles are durable and long-lasting. You will work deep cutting and also do long time work on both types of handle knives.

The Hori knife’s handle is different from other traditional Knives, so this branded knife is famous globally. It is known as a tang knife blade that extends through the handle. You will create a lot of pressure when you are digging and cutting works, and the knife’s handle is standard long-lasting, and its grip is comfortable to uses.

The Sheath 

Every good quality knife has a sheath, and it is essential for knives. After completing the work, you need good maintenance, and you will carry it everywhere with the help of sheath.

You will hang the knife on your belt using the sheath because some sheaths have belt loops. The sheaths are creating from leather and offer an aesthetic look, and most people like it. However, the nylon sheaths are vegan, and they can withstand water better.   

The Sharpener 

The excellent quality Hori edge sets also have a knife sharpener, and it helps you sharpen your knife when you think that you need to sharpen knife. Some brands added to look like pencil-type sharpeners, and some brands have stone sharpeners. So when your purchase a knife, you should confirm what type of sharpener has attached to the knife.

The Warranty

The top knife offers an excellent and long-time warranty, so you should confirm its warranty details when you purchase a knife. You should also confirm the warrant time; it is a lifetime or short time warranty.

Some FAQ

What is the Best Hori Hori Knife?

Each Knife of Hori Hori branded is durable, long-lasting, but if you want to buy a knife, you should consider the knife edge and its handle. A high-quality plastic knife is more stable than a wooden handle, but a wooden handle knife is more than a comfortable plastic knife. So please make your own decision about what types of knives you want to purchase.

What is the best quality Hori Hori Knife?

In our recommendation, every knife is best; we research and find the best five-star review knife and review for you, so every Hor Hori edge is best for you. However, you can purchase Fiskars Hori Hori Knife or can purchase Berry&Bird Hori knife.

How to use Hori Hori knives?

The Hori Hori makes in solid steel, so you will use it digging, cutting, slicing, seed planting, and many more. You can use it for root-bound plants and trees for planting, and its blade is rust-resistant and as long, so you will comfortably use it for a long time.


The Hori Hori Knives are heavy-duty knives, and you will buy them on Here, you will find the world-famous Hori Hori knives brand, you can purchase the right gardening tools at the cheapest rate, but product quality is standard. You will not be worried about shipment, and every knife’s shipment details also find you when you are ordering. However, the Hori Hori knife is stainless steel on both sides; useable gardening knife for use, digging, cutting, soil planting, and many more.

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