Gorilla Cart 600 vs 1200 Reviews and Buying Guide 2023

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Gorilla carts poly garden dump is a newly designed garden dump cart, and it makes hauling and unloading heavy loads easy on any terrain. gorilla dump cart patented dumping feature for quick unloading, and its read signed frame is durable and easy to assemble. However, the gor10 carts are easily maneuvered pulls up to 600 to 1200 pounds. In this article, we write Gorilla Cart 600 vs 1200 reviews for you. I think it will help decide which gorilla garden carts are suitable for your garden.

Gorilla Cart 600 vs 1200

Gorilla cart 600 and 1200, which is suitable for my garden, depends on how many carrying quantities. However, the gorilla carts 600 lbs us for low quantity of goods, on the other hand, gorilla cart 1200 lb is used for a significant amount good for carrying. Now we write a review of Gorilla cart 1200 vs 600.

Gorilla cart 600 lbs garden carts 

Gorilla cart 600 lb garden carts

The 600 lb gorilla cart is a garden dump cart with a steel frame, and it is 10 in pneumatic tires; however, the cart’s capacity is 600 pounds. The poly garden dump cart feature patented quick-release dumping technology, which allows this cart to be loaded and unloaded quickly and easily. It has a balanced 4-wheel design that lets this maneuver easily on heavy terrain; even you can fully load it.

The garden cards are a great alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow and its frame design for quick and easy assembly within a few minutes. You will haul rocks, dirt, planter pots and many more. The durable bed is easy to clean and wouldn’t rust.

The new design Gorilla carts 600 lb capacity garden dump carts are innovative, updated frame design that ensures quick and easy assembly and puts his cart to work. The 600 lb hauling capacity and padded dipped grill handle, and the garden carts dimensions are 36 inches by 20 inches, and it’s over al heights is 19.5 inches, and weight is 32 pounds. So gorilla cart 600 vs 1200, the small size is gorilla carts 600 lbs.

Gorilla cart 600 feature 

  • The brand is gorilla carts
  • The carts colour is black
  • Manufacturing materials are alloy steel
  • Gorilla carts 600 lbs weights are 32 pounds
  • Patented quick-release dump feature
  • Gorilla carts manufacturing country is China

Pros of gorilla 600 lbs carts 

  • The dump carts are easy to carry-haul rocks, dirt, mulch and planter pots
  • It is a quick and easy feature of assembling
  • The durable poly bed is easy to clean
  • It is heavy duty and durable product.
  • Gorilla 600lb is the newest version, then gorilla 200lbs

Cons of gorilla 600 lbs carts 

  • It has not a typical size for a standard socket set
  • Don’t over tighten the pivot bolt or the handle

Gorilla cart 1200 the largest carts then 600lbs.

Gorilla cart 1200lb

The gorilla cart 600 vs 1200, the largest size and big capacity garden cart is gorilla 1200 carts. The new gorilla cart 1200 lb is high capacity and heavy-duty garden dump chart that is innovative, updated frame design and makes it quick and easy to assemble. The gorilla carts 1200 lbs features are patents quick-release dumping system and has gorilla cart side rail plans.

It can be heavily loaded and unloaded efficiently because its 4-wheel is well designed and balanced, making the gor10 carts an easy use alternative to a wheelbarrow. However, its frame design allows easy assembly and improves maneuverability and rigidity.

The rugged and durable poly bed dump is easy to maintain and clean. The heavy duty garden carts are designed to handle any terrain, hauling heavy dirt, gravel, mulch, and plants. Its 2 in 1 handle makes it simple to switch between pulling the cart by hand and towing behind an own tractor.

However, the carts are larger than 600ibs carts, and its absolute domination is measuring 40 inches by 25 inches, its overall height is 26.2 inches, and its weight is 54 pounds. Above all, the gorilla carts are total line products and meet the needs of the light-duty homeowner and can be useable for any commercial duty and the variety of the carts in different sizes and weight capacity.

Feature of Gorilla cart 1200lb

  • Its brand is gorilla carts
  • Capacity 1200lbs and weight is 54 pounds
  • Caster type is pneumatic
  • Carts colour is back
  • It is the largest gorilla cart

Pros of Gorilla cart 1200 lb

  • The garden cart is heavy-duty, and large capacity carts
  • It has a quick unloading feature
  • It has a new frame design
  • The padded 2 in 1 heavy-duty handle can be pulled by hand
  • The garden dump cart is an excellent alternative to a traditional wheelbarrow

Cons of Gorilla cart 1200

  • Gorilla carts 1200ibs price are higher than gorilla 600ibs 

Where is gorilla carts made?

The gorilla cars are made in China and entirely of country origin in china, and gorilla cart 600 vs 1200 lbs are heavy-duty and long-lasting garden carts. Both cats have 4-wheels that ensure you do heavy-duty works for carrying stone, sand, garden planter and many more.

The plastic body and metal beds cards rides are ready your smoothly and maneuver works in any season and garden or yard. It is maneuverable over uncertain terrain and can use as a cargo added cart. However, the china Origin carts are helpful to consider them as other garden carts.

How to Make Side Rails For Gorilla Carts

To make side rails for a Gorilla Cart, you will need some basic tools and materials. Here are the steps you can follow:


  1. 1-inch PVC pipe
  2. PVC elbow joints
  3. PVC T-joints
  4. PVC pipe cutter
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Marker
  7. PVC cement
  8. Gorilla Cart


  • Measure the length and width of the Gorilla Cart bed where you want to install the gorilla cart side rails.
  • Cut the PVC pipe into sections of the appropriate length using the PVC pipe cutter.
  • Use the marker to mark the sections of the PVC pipe where you want to place the elbow joints and T-joints to create the frame for the side rails and gorilla cart no flat tires.
  • Apply PVC cement to the joints and connect them to form the frame.
  • Place the frame on the Gorilla Cart bed and adjust the position as needed.
  • Use additional PVC pipes to create vertical supports that will hold the frame in place.
  • Attach the vertical supports to the frame using PVC T-joints and cement.
  • Once the gorilla dump cart side rails are in place, you can add additional PVC pipes or netting to create a barrier that will prevent items from falling off the cart.

Note: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using PVC cement and take appropriate safety precautions when working with PVC pipes and tools.

Gorilla Cart 600 vs 1200, which is suitable for me?

In my first decision, you have not a large number of works you can purchase gorilla carts 600 lbs but if you have large amount quantity carrying you should buy large quantity carts like gorilla carts 1200 lbs.

You need extra money to purchase 1200lbs carts, less than 600lbs carts. So which cart you will buy and which is not to buy its decision depends on you.

The final vertex of Gorilla Cart 600 and 1200

Gorilla Cart 600 vs 1200 both are heavy-duty garden carts, and long-lasting, 1200lbs carts capacity is higher than 600 lbs garden carts and 1200lbs garden carts price is higher than 600lb garden carts. Both are the-4 wheels garden carts, and heavy-duty.

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