Best Felco Pruners for Small Hands in 2023

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Felco design is an innovative master of technology products established in Switzerland over 70 years ago. In addition, the ergonomic felco pruners for small hands are constituents with utmost accuracy, and it’s all parts interchangeable. Felco classic manual hand pruner cutting tools ensure quality and durability for your garden’s cutting requirements.

In addition, felco pruners make different sizes and versions, so it fits your hand if you choose the perfect size. The small pruner is most standard for hand pruners which are enjoyable for tree branches cutting in the garden.

The Main Benefits of Felco Pruners for Small Hands

It would be best to choose felco pruners for a garden cut because they are excellent and precise. It is perfect for a clean and excellent cut. In addition, it is fully open and quite wide for hands. Its spring is quite a soft and heavier pair of pruners.

Felco does not make your hands ache, and you can just take a bit of effort to get the right grip. Felco pruners are heavy-duty and have no coated metal. It is the considerable able weight that makes it suitable to use.

Best Felco small hands Reviews

Now you are enjoying reading the best Felco pruners reviews. It will help make the right decision and know the product details.

1) Felco f 2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco f 2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner.

Felco’s classic manual hand pruner has an anvil blade with a sap groove, ensuring effortless use and comfort. It is adjusted with a hardened bolt and nut to confirm the exact adjustment of both cutting and anvil blades.     

In addition, these felco pruners’ handle covers with rubber cushions that prevent you from hand shock absorber. So you can easily use it on the garden cutting works and ideal for light application and easily adjustable.

The pruners feature combined with a strong blade with wire cutting notch. Its handle is ergonomic, and its lightweight metal handle and blades make high-quality hardened steel.

The garden knives have a revolving handle for extra comfort and are suitable for every pruning with an ergonomic hand fitting design. Its hardened steel blade and screw-mounted anvil blade are reliably clean, precise cuts.  


  • It allows easy access to twiggy branches and ensures a closed trunk cut.
  • It is constructed with a forged aluminium handle and hardened steel blades.
  • Felco pruners have a reasonable price.


  • Felco should manually open them each use. 

2) Felco pruning shears for small hands (f 5)

felco pruning shears for small hands (f 5)

Felco pruning shears f 5 is premium quality clippers manufactured in forget aluminium handle and hardened steel blades. The standard quality garden scissor has a comfortable handle that ensures your comfort in cutting tree breaches. 

In addition, the bypass pruner officer has a large cutting capacity on the garden and is the balanced weight for the optimal garden. Felco pruners for small hands are combined with narrow anvil blades. This ensures easy access to twiggy branches and close cuts.

The sturdiness and ergonomic pruners are easy to use and suitable for cut tree breach. The dimension is 8.9-inch in length, 0.98 in cutter diameter and has a 0.68 ib


  • It is the perfect weight balance for long time work in gardening.
  • Felcom pruners are ideal for a large amount of cutting
  • Its handle is a comfortable cut
  • The edge is super sharp


  • Its handle is covered with plastic
  • It is not suitable for extensive handwork.

3) Felco Pruning Shears (F 7)

Felco Pruning Shears (F 7)

If you are searching for high-performance felco swiss made one-hand garden pruners, it is the best premium quality garden felco pruners for small hands. The pruners manufacture in forget aluminium handles and hardened steel blades. So it fits in any situation for garden cut requirements. You can replace all components because it is a durable model.

The garden scissors are comfortable and suitable for cutting because the ergonomically cushioned-shock absorber softens. However, the bypass pruner offers a large cutting capacity, and it has a combined well balance weight for optimal gardening and long time work. In addition, the pruner is designed as a wire cutter for small wires and a sap groove to minimize the blade sticking.


  • The Swiss-made plant is optimal for large-sized hands.
  • Naturally rotating hand and moving fingers
  • The handle is more comfortable


  • Price is higher than other pruners

4) Felco F2 Professional Pruning Shears

Felco F2 Professional Pruning Shears

If you are searching for felco professional pruners with bundle item pruners and pruners bag, it is best felco f2 classic manual hand pruner. The pruner is a reliable, comfortable, lightweight and sturdy handle, and it is made in aluminium with a lifetime guarantee. Its blades are riveted anvils made in high-quality hardened steel.

In addition, all parts are replaceable for a precise cut and easy to clean. The felco f2 pruner is efficient, easy, and durable for adjustment, wire, and sap groove. Its size is combined in large to medium hands.


  • This pruner attaches with felco pruners bag.
  • It is comfortable and more durable
  • The body is made of aluminium
  • All parts are replaceable


  • It looks like other pruners.

Types of felco pruners

In our review, we write 4 types of felco pruners, and their size and parts are different, but all pruners’ work is the same. We also discuss Felco f-2 classic manual hand pruner, Felco f-5 small hand pruner, Felco f-6 pruner and Felco f-7 small hand pruner. Their size, working capacity, and parts durability are different.

Most popular felco pruners

If you want to know, what are the most popular felco pruners? You will understand that felco f 2 classic manual hand pruner is the best pruning shears for small hands. It is also small hand pruners for cutting any hard surface of garden trees in seconds. In addition, it has reusable edge blade options, making it the most popular and most useable. For this reason, most gardeners are likes this felco classic manual hand pruner.

How to choose felco pruners?

When you decide to purchase felco pruners, you check to consider the pruners handle; you also ensure felco small hands operating handle computability and durability. You should also ensure cutting edge blade durability like stainless steel.

You should also apply your owned capacity to find out the best felco pruners for small hands. Customer possible review is another best option to decide which felco pruners are best for you. A more positive review ensures the stability and durability of the product.

Which felco pruner to buy?

If you have already fixed a decision, you buy a felco pruner. We recommend you purchase Felco f 2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner because the pruner has more customer reviews and customer opinion. It is also a premium quality pruner for garden cutting works.

Are felco pruners worth the money?

Yes! You need $50 to $80 to purchase high-quality felco pruners. If you want to get premium quality pruners, you need to spend extra money to purchase them, and a premium quality pruner also ensures hassle-free work in your garden.

How to maintain felco pruners?

After a long time of work or end of the day, every garden tool needs to clean and requires proper maintenance for reuse. Felco prunes also need to be appropriately maintained after long-time work. When you end your garden work, you need to clean it properly. After washing with water or soapy water, you should reduce the moisture from pruners with a warm cloth.

Next, you should keep the felco pruners in their bag or keep other tools. It will ensure your next use.

The End

In our felco pruners for small hands review, you now know the different garden felco pruners and the other question answers. We also write the buying guide which pruners are best for you. You can apply your own decision to purchase the garden felco pruners.

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