The 6 Best Extra Large Planters for Outside Garden Decoration

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If you want a large planter for planting in outside gardening, you are right to find extra large planters for outside gardening. We research the customer review, products quality, and durability of cheap extra large outdoor planters, and then write the review for inexpensive large planters for gardening. 

However, when you purchase large garden pots, you should consider quality, long-lasting, durability, and coasting. You also think which types of the planter are should for your outside gardening. It would be best ceramic big pots for plants or plastic barrel planter, which is comfortable for planting.

In this review, we try to find you extra large lightweight outdoor planters for your outside gardening and write a review about more possibilities and durability for growing plants in extra large planters for Garden Decoration.

1. Kante Kante RF0004C-C70221 – Tall Rectangular Planter Box Outdoor

Kante Kante RF0004C-C70221 - Tall Rectangular Planter Box Outdoor

If you take large outdoor planters clearance for gardening, it is the most practical and customer positive reviews plant box. The planter is a creative design and modern space using tall wide planters. It is straight lines and solid burnished black finish hot trend modern landscape design gardening planters.

The Extra large planters for outside are large capacity, and they hold a good amount of plants without looking crowded and great for plants, and it has enough room to grow your plants. However, the pots are handmade concrete planter pots, and it is weather-resistant fiberglass that has the advantage of these materials.

It is vital, durable, and weather-resistant and does not damage long-lasting color planting pots; and It also has a drainage hole and a strong UV resistant ability that stays better in the wind, rain, hot and cold season.  

Moreover, the pots are large and versatile to keep large capacity planter with unique commercial and residential design. It will focus your indoor, outdoor, porch, deck or outdoor garden, patio, etc. After all, if you want a unique and modern design, it is best for outdoor plant arrangements. 


  • Its color is gorgeous
  • It is suitable for all-season
  • Three is fast growing on it
  • It is comfortable for indoor and outdoor
  • Its drainage system is sound.


  • It is not more comfortable for indoor gardening

2. Lechuza Cubico Color 30 – Self Watering Garden Planters -22Inches Tall

Lechuza Cubico Color 30 – Self Watering Garden Planters -22Inches Tall

If you look, Large outdoor planter pots are the extra-large plastic planters for trees. The planter size is 22 inches tall. It is a self-watering garden planter suitable for indoor and outdoor use; the farmer is manufacturing plastic materials and white matte. It is a classic cubic shape planter, and it naturally fits into various décor styles.

The durable pots manufacture in Germany and UV-resistant P plastic for indoor and outdoor use. However, the pot is a self-watering system, and it features inorganic granulate compounds that ensure the right amount of water to plant roots.

The drainage pug is allowing for the removal of excess rainwater with it will install outdoor. It also has water indicators that ensure you know it is time to refill the reservation of water.


  • It is elegant, beautiful, practical, great design and functional
  • And it’s log-lasting if you good care it
  • It has an extra pot at the bottom and saves money if using indoor
  • Price is reasonable


  • The planter is extra-large, so not easy to move.
  • It is not ideal for small trees planting

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3. Veradek V-Resin -Tall Tapered Outdoor Planters

Veradek V-Resin -Tall Tapered Outdoor Planters

The planter set of 2 outdoor and indoor taper planters and manufacturing in high-density polyethylene, resin, and plastic is the best rectangle floor-standing planter. It is a styling planter with excellent quality, construction, and perfect shape planter. However, it is a tall outdoor planter set of 2 and exactly what you are looking for!

The planter is required to constantly moist soil, so you need to spend a few dollars, then you will find it to fit inside that would hold the water for more extended periods. It is far and good. It has drilled a couple of holes in the bottom so that the water can drain out, and also you can keep a rock bed and place them on 15-inch paver stone; it is a perfect size and weight the bottom down with some rocks, so it does not blow over.


  • The planter has drainage for reducing excess water.
  • It is the best planter for first plants.
  • It is hassle-free to keep in your indoor and outdoor


  • It is long-lasting but expensive
  • Heavy weigh planter

4. Kante RF0001C-C60121- Modern Square Outdoor Planters- Lightweight Concrete Planter

Kante RF0001C-C60121- Lightweight Concrete Modern Square Outdoor Planter

The Kante planter is a lightweight concrete modern square outdoor planter. It also authenticates a charcoal concrete finish with visible ores that will add an elegant touch planter for décor. However, the growers are idea endless succulent design, and it is also the best handmade concrete planter pots that are water-resistant fiberglass that has all the advantage of it.

Moreover, Extra large lightweight planters are weather-resistant, durable, lousy weather, and damage-resistant planting pots. It also has a drainage hole and a strong UV resistant ability that stays well in the wind in rain, hot and cold seasons.

The pots function is seating space for a sunken patio for red sandstone squares, set in sand, with tiny growing cracks. It is relatively light with a drain in the bottom.


  • Good quality for the price
  • It has a drainage system on the bottom
  • Includes a rubber plug for the drainage hole at the bottom
  • A lovely lip around the top inside


  • Wall is slightly on the thinner side
  • It is expensive   

5. Southern Patio Faux Galvanized Square extra large planters for outside

Southern Patio Faux Galvanized Square extra large planters for outside

The southern patio galvanized planter 16-inch rustic resin faux planter is a lightweight and durable planter alternative to metal planter boxes. It is the best galvanizing and silver finish planter that is weather-resistant, and you won’t rust like a traditional metal container garden.

The planter is easy to remove the plug on the bottom, and it is placing small cobblestones at the bottom to allow the proper drainage. The pots have sturdy sides and have no doubt they will last for a few years.

Its galvanized finish will accent bold red and yellow flowers that are beautiful for blues and purples color flowers. Its UV-protected finish and ample size pots are ideal for medium to large blooms for container garden decoration.


  • The pot is a rustic square shape planter
  • It is reliable for blossoming annuals and everlasting planting
  • Its price is exceptional


  • The seasonal change will be little effect on the pot due to resign construction.

6. FCMP Outdoor Heritage Planter

FCMP Outdoor Heritage Planter

The versatile design outdoor heritage planter set of 2 large outdoor planters and the stylish planter is a unique and modern desirable planter that impresses your guest. It is a self-watering planter or drop in your favorite potted plant adjustable liner.

The stylish planter is ideal for entranceways, porches, and decks, or anywhere useable a classic planters. However, the farmers are BPA-free, and UV inhibited recycled polyethylene is contacted safe and will not degrade under direct sunlight. The planter looks excellent, has a good weight, and is tall/wide enough to give double front doors a good presence.


  • It is plastic, sturdy but still
  • Anywhere useable
  • BPA Free
  • UV inhibited


  • It is not cheap
  • It super lightweight

How I Plant on Extra Large Planters for Outside

The plants are blooming, and one thing you will add as part of additional information is this: for a better result, please follow the advice on how to plant your plant correctly. To derive any profit from the planter, the root process of your plant must have access to the reservoir.

As such, you must water plant over the soil for at least 90 days, as you usually would, to access the roots to reach the pool, or alternative way, plant the plant deeper, where the sources are closer to the bottom of the liner, where they can come to the moisture sooner.

You must mix the soil properly with the right amount of vermiculite, or prelate, to remove dirt compacting and becoming too hard, aiding in aeration and moisture retention, and, of course, using the correct amount of fertilizer. Everything is an excellent planter if you do this correctly – an absolute marvel.

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The End

The Extra large planters for outside grading are a beautiful significant planting idea. It is fantastic and fits the planning idea perfect for your outdoor gardening. If you want to perfect bloom your braid, you need an extra-large planter, and it is long-lasting and impressive. However, the large planter top is heavy and easily tilts over when digging them up in the winter. It took effort indoors to do so after moved to the carpeted location where it had not in yet.

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