Bounty Elite Artisan | Aerogarden Bounty Basic Review 2023

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Decorate your garden with a beautiful ceramics bowl and if you like to increase growing capacity with aero gardens, there is no alternative to Aerogarden bounty indoor hydroponic herb garden. The bounty elite artisan is the best pinnacle of counter-top gardening. I will find the newest feature on bounty elite, and it’s alongside the updated water bowl. The aerogarden bounty elite platinum is the best at redefining indoor gardening. If you like the sunrise/sunset feature, you can test it with the grow light and dim every morning and evening with Aerogarden bounty elite wifi feature planter. Now you can get some Aerogarden bounty review, I think it is very helpful to find your Aerogarden elite bounty planter for your garden.

In this article, we also write for you how to set up aerogarden bounty elite, and how to raise light on aerogarden bounty basic. I think this article is very helpful for digital planting.

Aerogarden Bounty Elite Artisan Review 

The Aerogarden bounty is the most important digital planter for your garden, It takes care of itself and the plant grows a little bit each day and it is an exciting part of your morning routine with coffee brews. However, I will plant anything kit to grow Jalapeno, Poblano Peppers, Roma Tomatoes and marijuana, and many more.

1. Aerogarden Bounty Basic – Harvest – Indoor Garden

Aerogarden Harvest

The Aerogarden Harvest is a beautiful design simple garden, It is versatile and enough to fit anywhere, and also it is perfect for setting your room in the house or your kitchen. If you like to gift your garden lover friend, boyfriend, or your relative it is the perfect gift for any occasion. It has no secret home grow veggies just taste better and harvest will inspire you to discover fresh flavour.

However, the Aerogarden bounty basic harvest is perfect for beginners to grow an endless variety of herbs, vegetables, salad greens, or flowers to enhance your food, drink, home and life. If you do not much space for it, you can include a non-GMO seed pod kit but it is your own creativity.

If you do have not enough time to garden, aerogarden elite is the perfect way to cultivate and it is an easy way of planting, just fill the garden with water, dropseed pods and add little natural liquid plant food, then you see to your pesticides or herbicides are naturally growing faster.

The harvest does not the rest and it full and off easy day, you let know when need to feed and add water and you do not need to guesswork.

Feature of aerogarden bounty

  • Product dimension is 6 inches x 10.5 inches x 17.4 inches
  • Manufacturer is AeroGarden
  • Country of Origin China
  • It has 6 pots, like Basil, Curly, Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, and Mint
  • 06Plants grow at the time and they will up to 12 inches tall
  • Pros of Aerogarden

Aerogarden advantage

  • The aerogarden bounty family is the best indoor gardening
  • It is growing in water, so soil, no mess and made in simple
  • It has a control panel it indicates when need to add water and food
  • The bounty elite artisan is automatically turned lights on and off for your indoor herb garden
  • It has high performance LED grow lighting system
  • Aerogarden flowers are perfect for fast-growing.
  • It is a perfect gift for growing fresh herbs & veggies all the year

Aerogarden disadvantage

  • Should wash reset and if do not know properly it is a hassle for you
  • You should be careful to water and food it.

2. Bounty elite artisan review – AeroGarden Harvest

Bounty elite artisan review

The Aerogarden harvest is another magic of gardening in the home all year round and it is also inspired and enables people to enhance their food, their homes, and their lives through your daily grow connection. The bounty harvest elite garden is 06 pods and it’s brushed stainless steel that first grows fresh herbs and vegetables all the year round and your plants are grown naturally, no need for soil and no need mess. 

However, every efficient led grow lights for faster growth your plant, you do not need extra care, it is simple reminders take the guesswork out of growing, it sprouts in days, harvest in weeks and you enjoy for months. If you want garden-fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter, it has no alternative to aerogarden bounty elite artisan. The Aero garden harvest elite is best for your indoor garden system and it is allowed to grow up to 6 different herbs, veggie, or flower varieties year-round.

If you want to how quick, it is 5x faster to grow your plant than a traditional outdoor garden, it is amazing because the automatic timer makes sure the lights go on and off at the exact right time. It works great and you can plant a very stylish and quiet unit. No loud like other hydroponics systems, it just trickles from the pump every of often. You can everything with buttons are just like your phone screen, even light tap and all you need. 

I like this aerogarden bounty elite model because I wanted to avail see how many days were planted and adjust the on-time and light duration. This new design is great and power brick separate has no issues with overheating. You are find everything in the aerogarden bounty elite manual on a new model planter and also you will find whiter LEDs and less red/blue which makes it easy on the eyes to better plants. 

Feature of aero aerogarden elite

  • Planter grow height 12 inch
  • Capacity 06 Pods
  • Display type push button
  • Display type push button
  • Product dimension 6.25 inch x 10.5 inch x 17.4 inches
  • Item weight 6.07 pounds
  • Country of origin China

Advantage of Aero Garden Harvest Elite

  • The aerogarden bounty elite platinum includes gourmet herb seed kits 06 pots
  • It is natural planting and chemical-free miracle grow plant food
  • Elite platinum bounty is perfect for a full season of growth
  • It has a digital display control panel that includes vacation mode
  • The advanced garden setting for optimized growth
  • The 20 watts LED high efficiency to grow light system

Disadvantage of Aero Garden Harvest Elite

  • The harvest elite is made in plastic
  • Should ensure to follow instruction manual for best result.

How to Set up Aerogarden Bounty Elite

The AeroGarden bounty hydroponic system, growing plants are not using soil, it is using only water and its system is upper sleek. I connect the Amazon Alexa and it can grow 6 plants and it is a really small space and it is perfect for keeping your kitchen or somewhere you easily harvest.

AeroGarden elite bounty is teeny and its good part inside is ready to enjoy its seed bucket, herb the gourmet herb kit. You can choose whichever kit to put peppers but we like herbs that are also my good choice. It is the more expensive hydroponic system and light is not the highest in forty watts. But if you getting a hydroponic system elite bounty better ones are like 50 to 80 watts. It is the acceptable range like a WSB thingy of end of the twist.

Now put your pads and get some plastic cover, and you look control panel, and you everything looking super sharp. However, the bounty elite artisan Aerogarden keeps the vacation mode and then you can dim the lights a little bit but some tips I am not sure that is well looking at in a second.

Aerogarden bounty wifi connector 

You can control Aerogarden bounty wifi control with your control panel and it is super simple and it’s time to actually get it set up and grow it so first off. You can fill up water yep right and it is like as a filter here lime just super easy and simple to go. You can go ahead and push the quick plant button and it turned on the quick plant.

Your instructions to get started one of those things will be to add the seed pods to each of the holes. So you can get the herb seed pods a few things to note about those kinds of plants on the pods because you can know that those planters are fast-growing and those are quickly bigger.

Aerogarden bounty elite platinum

If you grow up to 9 your favorite herbs Aerogarden bounty elite platinum is best for veggies or flowers indoors, all year long, no sun, soil, or green thumb required. The elite platinum is the new model powerful container garden system that is automatically delivering everything to your plants. It is a bounty elite artisan planting plan for growing veggies, tomatoes, and sweet bell peppers.

You do not wait for summer or season for growing fresh favorite veggies, you will get all the season. 

The indoor garden planter is an amazing feature and supports big, flavorful harvests are one of our most attractive systems yet. The Bounty Elites grow light hood contains 50 watts of white, blue LED lights, and reds.

The End:

In your review, we discuss everything about bounty elite artisan and its using process, advantage, and disadvantage, So now it is time to decide to purchase your closeable AeroGarden bounty indoor hydroponic herb garden all the season of the years.

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