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Cleaning Felco pruners is super easy to work; you will not require extra knowledge to clean Felco pruners. 

While you clean Felco, it will look like a new one and can compare with new pruners. So let’s go, we are writing how to clean felco pruners, and also we write how to sharpen felco pruners. In addition, you will know step by step how to clean rust off felco pruners? The essential tips for clean felco make you pruners’ comfortable work in the garden.

How to clean pruners

How to clean pruners

When you start to clean Felco pruners, you need some ingredients to clean pruners because the prunes are too much rusty, and you do not clean them for a long time.

Require Instrument:

  • 01 ball soapy water
  • Cleaning Pad
  • Stiff wire brush
  • A couple of screws for a seven-millimeter socket
  • 16-inch nut driver
  • Synthetic grease
  • Hydrophobic grease
  • 980 lubricating spray
  • Tissue Paper or worm cloth
  • Roll Paper

So let’s go! We are starting to clean Felco pruners. Use roll paper for towels down and make a little base for Felco pruners. Spray all over the pruners and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it will need 20 minutes if too much dirty. You will see that your old pruner looks bad, but don’t worry, and wait for the clean best garden pruners. 

Now use a paper towel or a warm cloth and guesses to clean some excess grease for spraying. You need a few times to clean it and should separately wash all parts. But If you unlike to clean all parts or your pruners are not pretty bad, you can only clean the knife and then sharpen felco pruners. But my pruners are too much dirty, and I want to sharpen all parts.

Disassemble pruners’ parts 

Disassemble pruners’ parts

Now you are starting to parts off or disassemble parts from the pruner to clean all parts. You should first use a 16-inch nut driver to screw out because the screw holes on the segment look like a little claw. The little screw keeps all my parts really organized, which keeps the center bolt in place. It keeps the adjustment tight.

Then we will take the center bolt off and catch plate in place, and the catch plate holds, and keep the thumb catch that uses to open and close your Falcos. It looks like the centerboard is so dirty, and now I clean it with a paper towel or tissue paper. Then put the parts on a soapy water ball.

Then use a seven-millimeter socket for one to get it off and carry it out loud. Held it on a little screw and thumb catch the crew, but it is probably didn’t catch, but you need to fly toward for underneath the thumb catch. The little spring washer is a super important part of felco pruners to keep a hold together and tight.

In addition, you should keep all parts or function parts in a paper towel properly and let go wiped down a little bit more, and now everything is apart Felco pruners. You can scrub everything for quick clean felco pruners but like to soak all parts of felco.

How to clean felco pruners all tools? 

Soak the all felco tools for another 10-15 minutes, and then scrub them. Clean little pieces of a stiff wire brush and use 990 hydrophobic greases to clean moisture and rust from entering.

While cleaning all parts, then dry it with a warm towel. If you are satisfied with the cleaning, all parts look like a new one. You can stop to brush the parts using a warm towel or paper towel for drying.

How to assemble felco pruners?

While all parts are dry, it is time to reassemble the felco pruners. We can start assembling everything back together. Put the catch plate on the first right in the center. Place a little spring pressure washer that goes right underneath the thumb catch.

Put the thrum catch on the screw and just line up over the hole. Use a seven-millimeter socket again to tighten it, but this point well let, so hand draw it a little bit first. You do not want super tight it but a little bit of resistance, and with adjusting it for the moment. Then use a seven-millimeter socket tight again, and then thumb able to move. It is feeling a little better.

Then we will put our center bolt back on and tighten it up again but do not super tight it. We want to aim to adjust the blade of falls between these two rivets right here.

It is a kind of adjust takes a little bit of manipulating. So we put the locking segment back in again. It looks like the little claw, and it kind of meets up. Adjust the little cog, how to fall it right sport, and what is the sweet spot, then it tight down a little bit.

Pruner spring replacement

In addition, we are going back to pruner spring replacement or place the oldest best spring placement. It is also super easy; thumb catch and sees that it works great. It seems intimidating and does to me every time.

Setup the spring with both handles, it is super easy, and you can apply your method to set up the spring. When you take everything apart, it is a good idea to line them up as you take it out of the felco pruner.

How to sharpen felco pruning shears?

How to sharpen felco pruner

Sharpening felco pruners is also an easy job, and you don’t worry about the anvil part because that is not a blade. We will sharpen the secondary blade, but how to sharpen the felco blade? Use sharpening tools right. Just find your good angle by resting it right on the upper part. Hold the blade at the proper angle and drag it across the blade.

Anchor the hand down, the most presser put it better, so sharpening pruners is a lot easier and try to hold differently. Again just drag it along the blade with much pressure as you can muster from the sharpener. It looks nice edge, and I love it. Sharp pruners make your world a happy place and make your gardening job easier. You are enjoying how to clean and sharpen felco pruners. That are essential tips for enjoying your life better.

Conclusion of Felco Pruners

A pruner is an essential tool for the garden. In this article, you are enjoying your most enjoyable question answer how to clean and sharpen Felco pruners? We are answering your question deeply thought and using the right tools. It is clean, you now find your question on how to clean felco pruners answerThe tips make your life enjoyable.

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